Welcome to The Binding Threads.

Modern Indian dressing with a hint of ethnic identity is the image that our brand embodies. The same emotion is portrayed through our brand’s name since it sets a brand image and increases a recall value to it. The smallest of the block, the tiniest preposition that creates a cloth-thread. The Binding Threads as a name justifies the culturally ingrained and gives importance to the fabric in its entirety. Just how knitting needles click perfectly and create a cloth with sheer passion and labor, the threads tell a tale of compassion that the artist has put in for the design.

Due to the innate alliteration, the name becomes poetic and rhythmic in its character and gives it a modern appeal. The metaphorical ability of it makes it a brand of the elite, thereby, creating a different audience for it giving it an exclusive vibe for fashion-forward people. 

Our brand is for those modern women who prefer to wear comfortable ethnic clothes without compromising on authenticity. 

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